f.lux for Linux

I have been using f.lux for some time now and it is a really nice tool. It adjusts the color temperature of the screen at night to a more reddish tone which greatly reduces the strain on the eyes. It takes a while to get used to the red tint but now there is no going back.

When I learned that there is a version for linux (xflux) I had to get that for my Ubuntu laptop. I was quite disappointed, however, when I discovered that not only does it not feature a sleek GUI like the windows version, it also simply does not work at all on my laptop. f.lux throws this message at me: “Sorry, we only support 24/32-bit displays right now” which must be a bug because I am running in 24-bit mode with the open source radeon driver.

Other features that are present in the windows version seem to be missing as well in xflux, like setting the daytime temperature. Ultimately I decided to code my own tool to adjust the color temperature. The result is an open source program called Redshift.

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