I had wanted to release redshift 1.5 last month but for various reasons I never got around to it. Today I received a very generous donation which reminded me that I really needed to get this release out.  The source is available from the launchpad project page as usual. Packages for Ubuntu Lucid are available in the PPA. The contributors for this release are: Francesco Marella, Gabriel de Perthuis, aleth and the translators.

  • Application launcher and autostart feature contributed by Francesco Marella (fixes #590550, #612710).
  • Improve GNOME location provider (patch by Gabriel de Perthuis) (fixes #598277).
  • New ubuntu-mono-dark icons that fit the color guidelines better. Contributed by aleth (semi-fixes #596536).
  • Improve error message when first adjustment method fails (fixes #596537).
  • Translation updates: Basque (Ibai Oihanguren); Chinese (Jonathan Lumb);
    French (Hangman, XioNoX); German (Jan-Christoph Borchardt); Hebrew
    (dotancohen); Spanish (Fernando Ossandon)

Thank you contributors and donators! (btw, the donation will be spent on hosting for this website).