I finally had some time to throw a new release of Redshift together. The most important change, for most of you, is probably the Geoclue location provider by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre. The old GNOME clock location provider has stopped working for many, as Ubuntu no longer includes a clock applet in the unity desktop. This is fixed now with this new location provider, which should work right out-of-the-box on Ubuntu Natty systems.

Other news are:

  • Allow brightness to be adjusted (-b).
  • Provide option to set color temperature directly (Joe Hillenbrand).
  • Add option to show program version (-V).
  • Add configure.ac option to install ubuntu icons. They will no longer be installed by default (Francesco Marella).
  • config: Look in %userprofile%/.config/redshift.conf on windows platform.
  • Fix: w32gdi: Obtain a new DC handle on every adjustment. This fixes a bug where redshift stops updating the screen.