Update: Download zip-file of plugin here.

Update: The plugin has been updated. The latest version uses a payment processor (currently Coinbase support is available) so there is no static public address anymore. It is still possible to have a bubble showing total amount and number of payments.

I signed up for the Flattr micro-payment platform a while ago and I've been very pleased with the system. It is very convenient to be able to donate a small sum to the author after reading an interesting blog post or encountering a useful open source project. However, recently the digital currency Bitcoin came to my attention as a possible contender for micro-payments, one of the primary advantages being that the transaction fee is very low compared to Flattr (who take 10% of every transaction). So I've made a Bitcoin wallet and I intend to use it like Flattr to give a small sum to anyone whose blog posts or source code I find useful or interesting.

Bitcoin Wordpress buttons example

In addition you can donate a small amount to my projects using the link on the right or below. I made a small Wordpress plugin to complement the pretty Flattr button. If you want to use it on your own site you can get the source code here. It shows the address, QR code and current balance, and it works like a shortcode which can be embedded in any post, page or widget. It is also possible to show the number of transactions instead of the balance, the total received amount, or nothing at all.