Important: The freeserf repository on github has moved to

Just a quick update on freeserf to let you know that the game has improved a lot over the past months. A lot of issues have been reported and fixed, and a few patches have been contributed as well. This means that the core gameplay is working as it should, and freeserf is getting ready for the first release. But before that happens I would like to have an opportunity to get the final critical bugs reported and fixed, and for this reason I've tagged a release candidate in git. I hope you'll give this version a try, and if nothing major has been reported within a week this will be the 0.1 release.

Screenshot from 2013-06-23 13:33:49

The following description is the 0.1 milestone description that has been worked towards over the past months.

This release should have an implementation of the core game play as close as possible to the original game. The following features will wait for a later release: AI and multiplayer support; reliable increase of game speed (up to ~10 should work though).