After more than two years I finally found some time to do another Redshift release. There are not really any huge changes but a bunch of small fixes and improvements. Thanks to all people who contributed for this release, some of you are mentioned below.

  • IMPORTANT: gtk-redshift has changed name to redshift-gtk.
  • Fix crash when starting geoclue provider. (Thanks to Maks Verver)
  • Fix slight flicker int gamma ramp values (Sean Hildebrand)
  • Add redshift-gtk option to suspend for a short time period (Jendrik Seipp).
  • Add print mode (prints parameters and exits) by Vincent Breitmoser.
  • Set buffering on stdout and stderr to line-buffered.
  • Allow separate brightness for day and night (Olivier Fabre and Jeremy Erickson).
  • Fix various crashes/bugs/typos (Benjamin Kerensa and others).

I have some other updates in the queue, so I am hoping to be able to do one more release before the end of the year. In addition I am trying to move development to at Github. The source code has already moved, so it is now possible to make a fork on Github and post a pull request if you fix a bug! One thing that is still stuck in launchpad is the translations, which is why they were not updated for this release. I hope to get that fixed soon.