The freeserf development is still ongoing although a bit slowly. I've not found much time to work on this since I've been busy with exams in January, and then moving back to Denmark. Today I have posted new Windows builds fixing just a few bugs. Since Github discontinued the hosting of download files I've had to move the files, so in the future they will be available from this location. In addition, Jonas Gerlach has kindly provided a build for Open Pandorda that is available here.

The current status is that only some few minor issues are missing for the 0.1 release. The goal of this release was that it should have an implementation of the core game play as close as possible to the original game, but without any AI or multiplayer support. This is more or less achieved already, except for some outstanding bugs and polishing of the code that need to be taken care of. I think it may be ready relatively soon. Please keep filing bug reports on Github when you encounter any issues!