A faithful clone of the brilliant simulation game The Settlers 1 aka Serf City. There are still bugs and a few features are also missing, in particular the computer opponents. The plan is to add networked multiplayer functionality in the future. You can help develop this game at GitHub. There is also an IRC channel on Freenode named #freeserf.

Settlers 1 remake (preview 2010-06-05, 1)

Source code

SDL and SDL_mixer are required to compile. The build system is tested using Linux/GCC, OSX/Clang and Mingw. Get the code from GitHub.

Data file

The original data file from the PC version is required for the game to function. The name of the file is SPAE.PA, SPAD.PA, SPAF.PA, or SPAU.PA depending on the language. It is very important that you copy the data file after actually installing the original game, otherwise the data file will be compressed!. The data file should be around 1.3Mb in size.

Latest release

Latest beta release 0.1.1 released on 2013-11-28. Source code packages and windows builds are available here

Other builds

  • Open Pandora: Jonas Gerlach has made a build for this platform available here.

Known bugs and missing features

The known bugs are tracked in the issue tracker at GitHub. Please report any bugs there.

Video preview