Once again we start out the new year with a new release of Redshift. Compared to last year’s release, this release is not as feature-rich but it does include some important updates and fixes.

  • Add option preserve for gamma adjustment methods (randr, vidmode, quartz, w32gdi) to apply redness on top of current gamma correction.
  • Fix #158: Add redshift.desktop file to resolve an issue where Geoclue2 would not allow redshift to obtain the current location (Laurent Bigonville)
  • Fix #263: Make sure that the child process is terminated when redshift-gtk exits.
  • Fix #284: A sample configuration file has been added to the distribution tarball.
  • Fix warning message in redshift-gtk that is some cases caused redshift-gtk to fail (#271) (Christian Stadelmann, Javier Cantero)
  • Fix #174: Use nanosleep() for sleeping to avoid high CPU load on platforms (NetBSD, …) with limitations in usleep() (Piotr Meyer)
  • Various updates to man page and translations.